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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Operation Firefly

Some of my fondest childhood memories include catching fireflies in the evenings.  Now that Lucas's summer bed time is a little later, observing and catching fireflies has become an almost-nightly ritual for him, too. Although my little lover-of-creatues-great-and-small was horrified to learn that when I was a little girl, I often pulled off the glowing part to make myself a diamond ring!

I imagine that the scientists behind Operation Firefly would be horrified as well. They are studying an important question: Are fireflies disappearing?

And they need your kids to become citizen scientists to help find the answer!

Head over to the site to learn more then register and start observing. And for my future grandkids' sake...I really hope the answer is NO!

Yeah, and it's probably a good idea, um, not to mention the, er, "diamond" ring idea to your kids. And let's not discuss the idea of "diamond" earrings either!

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