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Monday, October 19, 2009

Hallowen Activities: Boo at the Zoo Giveaway

Updated: Congratulations to Margaret and her hockey player son, Vincent, who won the tickets! Enjoy Boo at the Zoo.

Can you believe that Halloween is less than two weeks away? Do you have your costume picked out? Do your children know what they're going as? If your family is anything like my family was growing up, you have one kid who has had their costume planned for month, another kid who rejects every possible suggestion with tears and tantrums, and another kid who will throw on some ripped clothes and fake blood on the 31st and call it a costume! I'll let you decide which of those was me as a child. But, for a hint, you should know that I've been planning Lucas's costume for more than a month!

There are dozens of excellent events taking place in Prince George's County and the DC-area now through October 31 and I'm kicking off a week of Halloween related posts. I'm starting with a bang--and a giveaway--by highlighting Boo at the Zoo!

Don’t miss your chance to go trick-or-treating at the home of DC’s creepiest and cuddliest creatures! The 11th annual Boo at the Zoo will take place October 23-25, from 5:30-8:30 p.m.

With enhanced eerie lighting and 47 stations serving up a variety of candy, healthy, and organic goodies, this popular family Halloween party features talks about tarantulas, cockroaches, and scorpions, and playful demonstrations of lions and tigers using their predatory skills.

Boo at the Zoo is already sold out for Saturday night, but Friday and Sunday night tickets are still available! Tickets are $15 for Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ) members and $25 for nonmembers. Proceeds support animal care, conservation science, education, and sustainability at the Zoo. For more information and tickets, click here.

Giveaway! Win four tickets to Boo at the Zoo on Sunday, October 25! Simply leave a comment below telling me what you (or your child!) is dressing up as for Halloween this year.

The contest will close at 9pm on Thursday, October 22, and the winner will be notified via e-mail on Friday, October 23. You must include your e-mail either in the comment or on the comment form to be eligible to win. Good luck!

Original post by Out by Ten. Thanks for reading!


  1. DD wanted to be Princess Presto (from Super Why) at first. Now she's decided to be a princess/bride/fairy. Thankfully all we need were fairy wings. kimstoys at gmail dot com

  2. Jeren is Hanna Montana and Marco is a red Power Ranger. Both very "typical"-but I'm hoping to snag some killer boots for Jeren. You can't be a good rock star without the boots!

  3. Fifi announced that she wants to be a chicken. I have been pinning feather boas to a hoodie for days. Next, the beak, comb and feet!

    aseabrook at gmail dot com

  4. Isaac has a Transformer outfit, if he remembers it, since he saw it on sale a month or two ago. I'll be the horned daddy again - an easy outfit accomplished merely by donning the ceramic horns I picked up at a renaisance festival in Ohio in 2004.

  5. Harper will be an Angel and Keegan has finally put aside Batman for the upteenth time and accepted Flash as an alternative.

  6. Erin picked out a great (and SO funny) costume this year. It is a farmer riding a chicken. Kind of hard to picture but, believe me, it is great. The best part is that she (2 years old) picked it out and just laughed and laughed when she saw it. It was worth it just to hear that laughter!


  7. Halloween is such a big holiday in our family. We start thinking about it weeks before! So far though, only 2 of our costumes are in place. Bena is going to be way groovy as a hippie and I will be smashing as a pumpkin. (Great costume moment - Matthew in an ape costume chasing his sister in a banana costume through the Halloween department at Target!)

  8. Miriam will be a purple dragon. She decided weeks ago when she saw the costume. Cassia will be either a dog, a tiger or a duckling - whichever animal noise she is saying the most on the day. At the moment it is "quack". Value Village had a wonderful half-price sale on the costumes so I stocked up and there has been hours of fun with the costumes already. Not just for Halloween!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. My husband had brain surgery a few weeks ago, so he is going to augment his substantial scar and go as Frankenstein, I will be the bride of Frakenstein, and my daughter Carrie (whose birthday is 10.31) is going to be the mad scientist. The younger ones are deciding between being Igor, or butterflies.

  11. Vincent is so excited to be going as a hockey player. He's been wearing elbow pads all week. Now I have to figure out how to transform his bike helmet into a hockey helmet. Vincent thinks the answer is stickers.


  12. Matthew is going to be Cliford the Big Red Dog -thank you Patti - and Sophia is going to be either a lion cub or an elephant - thank you Danielle - depending on which one fits! Got to love CPRC!

  13. Will is going to be a dragon...unbeknownst to him and depending heavily on whether he'll tolerate wearing anything on his head (if his hatred of hats is any indication...)



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